Puda Pty Ltd


We believe in solving complex problems in the construction industry by producing beautiful products with engineered simplicity.  Coupled with our strong belief that the construction industry must change the way it builds in order to deliver advanced technologies in sustainability, time efficiency and affordability.

We have resolved the main bathroom challenges in construction such as waterproofing and tiling, by industrialising the manufacturing process.  We’ve eliminated water proofing issues, the major concern in bathroom construction.  Our fully customised pre-fabricated bathroom solutions have been engineered for people and companies who believe that the world of construction must change if we are to achieve a sustainable future. 

PUDA is all about sustainability; we strive for less wastage, and safer work environments in the construction industry by taking a complex piece of the puzzle and making it simple. 

PUDA have been supplying engineered bathrooms around the world for over 28 years, our proven advanced technology is at the forefront of cutting edge design, precision, and quality backed by a 10 year warranty. 

PUDA’s modular pre-fabricated bathroom solutions introduce manufacturing on a large scale into construction – making it safe, clean and process driven, and assembly of this multifaceted area more accessible and simple.  

PUDA. Engineered Simplicity. It just works.



Who Uses PUDA?

PUDA suits any high volumetric project and any company who is committed to greater efficiencies, their environmental footprint, and who want to forge a new benchmark on their projects.


Why are we different?

PUDA are aggressively looking at simplifying complex manufacturing processes to make them safer, more precise and more sustainable.  Our proven 28 year heritage of manufacturing the best prefabricated bathroom solutions globally is our commitment to this outcome.


Pre-fabricated Bathroom Solutions

PUDA don’t just produce bathrooms, the PUDA bathroom is engineered to exacting standards which are flexible, efficient and beautiful, and are intended to suit any high volumetric construction and building type.