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Please find following the answers to some frequently asked questions for your reference.  Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

A PUDA bathroom pod is a prefabricated modular bathroom that is a self-contained bathroom unit that is manufactured offsite in our controlled world class manufacturing facility.  They can come pre-assembled or supplied in a flat pack to be transported to site for installation.  

PUDA bathrooms are commonly used in the construction of hotels, residential apartments, hospitals, defence housing, aged care facilities, hospitals and student accommodation.

Using a PUDA Pod means you can save time on construction and reduce financial costs often associated with management, labour and insurance.  By producing PUDA bathrooms offsite, the number of tradespeople often involved with building a bathroom is reduced, increasing your opportunity to finish the project sooner and start earning a return on investment earlier.

No matter what the size or the design, PUDA bathrooms can be built and delivered within 3 months from the date of your order. 

One PUDA bathroom can be installed within 1 ½ days using our fully qualified PUDA team or your team of builders, electricians or plumbers.

Yes. Our bathrooms are 100% custom manufactured and can be built to any design, finishing, installation and functional requirements.

Absolutely.  We will build to whatever colour, fitting or finishing requirements your designer/ architect specifies. 

Our bathrooms are fully customisable and can be designed by your architect/ builder to your full specification and requirements.  These designs are then manufactured in our world class facility and meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards and building codes.

Involving our team at the initial design phase can often result in added value solutions for your consideration, along with substantial savings to be made, and can make a big difference to reducing your construction timeframes, so we recommend involving us as soon as possible.  It is important to note that we require 3 months from the date of your order to build these pods to ensure that they are delivered in time, as per your site program dictates. 

We have the capacity to produce up to 1000 pods per month.

Our clients experience economies of scale when we produce bathroom models over 80 bathrooms or more.  Further efficiencies are gained when the number of bathroom models are kept to a minimum. 

PUDA have developed a range of standard designs for student accommodation, aged care, hotel and residential apartment sectors that we can discuss with you to determine whether any of these are suitable for your project. 

PUDA can provide you with independent certification advice to assist you with integrating these pods into your project.

PUDA bathroom costs are made with the reduction of onsite construction costs, the benefits of reducing the multiple tradespeople onsite, quality control, elimination of defects and greater speed to market.

Should you have any further questions regarding PUDA bathrooms, please call our friendly Managing Director, Chris Dunnett, on + 61 416 609 350 or email him at chris.dunnett@puda.com.au