Puda Pty Ltd


As one of the most expensive, complex and smallest rooms in any construction project, bathrooms pose a number of high risk areas of concern.  Time delays due to quality issues with multiple tradespeople working in a confined area together, not to mention product failure with waterproofing, makes prefabricated modular bathroom solutions extremely attractive.

Building bathrooms at our world class manufacturing facility means all our bathrooms are engineered for quality and efficiency.

PUDA have taken the best of bathroom manufacturing, made it into a computerised process driven quality build that is flexible and adaptable for different construction types, and uses high-quality modular systems to minimise build time and costs, resulting in beautiful prefabricated bathrooms for our clients. 

A pre-fabricated bathroom provides all the specified bathroom features and accessories as a pre-assembled bathroom pod or as a flat pack system, delivered to site and installed by our skilled installers.

The Process




We work with your construction team to understand the particulars of your specific project requirements, providing advice and guidance on the process of pre-fabrication and the many benefits of the PUDA flat-pack solutions.



PUDA has manufactured and delivered over 100,000 bathroom units to date at our 20,000 m² world class facility to SGS ISO9001 international quality certification standards and come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.



PUDA provide detailed production and delivery schedules matching the construction project program, feedback throughout the manufacturing and shipping process is provided to ensure project delivery timeframes.


Labour Cost Save 20%
Waste Reduce 30%
Schedule Shorten 2 – 4 months
Turnover Speed up 20 – 30%
Warranty 10 year waterproofing guarantee
Value Higher quality, leads to better reputation = invaluable

PUDA bathrooms are fully designed and engineered to precise standards with a high quality, beautiful finish, eliminating cracking and wastage. 

We have developed a flexible flat packed system making our bathrooms easy to transport. Bathrooms are wrapped in custom made packaging and fully sealed, whilst ensuring shipment is timely to fit in with your construction schedule and can be adjusted easily. All products are delivered to site for installation by  our experienced installer team.